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We align SMEs with the finance expertise they need

No tie-in contract | Full-time, part-time or less | Remote or on-site

It all starts with a bespoke consultation

Here at The Finance People we’re passionate about helping businesses succeed. Yet, if those businesses don’t have the right finance resource in place, the performance of a business can suffer.

That’s why we provide strategic and commercially focused finance people to growing businesses across the UK – whether you’re in need of outsourced support, a part-time finance controller, a full-time finance director or an interim finance director, we can help. We connect SMEs with the finance expertise they need.

Full-Time FDs 
Finance Recruitment

Is your SME ready to seek the advice, guidance and strategy of an experienced Financial Director, Chief Financial Officer or Financial Controller? 

Our Financial Recruitment services help SMEs find the perfect fit FD to help drive business forward. 

Part-Time & Interim FDs
Flexible Finance Support

Do you need the expertise of a Financial Director, but you don't need or can't afford somebody full time? 

Flexible Finances enable you to get access to part-time or ad-hoc financial experts as much or as little as you need them.

Outsourced Tasks
Accounting, Payroll and more.

Save time, become more efficient and focus on what you do best by outsourcing specific financial tasks to our team of experts. 

Whether it's accounting and payroll, bookkeeping, tax preparation or financial analysis - our team will pick up the manual and laborious financial headaches.

Whether you choose to outsource your finance function to us, or take on a virtual, interim or part-time finance resource, all of our people are experienced in all areas of financial management including:

Management Information.png

Management Information

Our Finance Directors will gather information and provide monthly reporting of key financial statements and can include:

  • Balance sheets

  • Profit and Loss (P&L)

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Plus, much more.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Most businesses fail because they run out of money but a robust cash flow management system will prevent this. The right accounting and finance staff will help put in place:

  • Strategies if you run out of cash

  • Contingency plans to secure loans if there is a shortfall

  • Regular performance reviews to prevent the above happening in the first place.

Cash Flow Forecasting.png

Mentoring & Training

A senior Finance Director will effectively coach and mentor your operational finance staff, ensure all of your employees work to a high level and have opportunities to progress and ultimately benefit your business. A Finance Director from The Finance People will make sure the finance function is fit for purpose and support and nurture your finance staff.

Mentoring & Training.png

Raising Finance & Scaling

If you need to raise finance and bring more money into the business, a finance professional can provide options which you may not have thought of or have the time to do yourself. They can:

  • Identify new funding opportunities 

  • Look into bank loans or other loan avenues

  • Try crowdfunding

  • Find investors for your business

Raising Funds.png
Profit Management.png

Profit Management

You need a clear measure of financial strategy to increase profit and grow. Our Finance Controllers or Finance Directors can put that in place for you. They will look at strategies which will help your business to:​

  • Sell more and increase revenue 

  • Drive customer loyalty and frequent purchases

  • Increase prices of your services/products

  • Reduce costs and overheads

Crisis Management

A qualified Finance Director will step in during the event of a crisis to help turn things around and plan an effective strategy to help recovery. All of our outsourced finance resources and part time finance experts are qualified in this type of crisis management.​

Crisis Management.png
Exit Planning.png

Exit Planning

Whether you're planning to leave in 5 years or 25 years, if you're a business owner you should have an exit plan in place. Our Finance Directors will help you:

  • Understand the variety of options available to you 

  • Learn how each strategy could benefit you 

  • Decide a plan with you

  • Build an exit strategy ready to implement when you see fit

Risk Analysis

Our finance experts (whether you choose our outsourced finance option or one of our part time finance resources) will identify where the potential risks are in your business, both internally and externally, ensuring your company is secure and not exposed to risks such as:

  • Foreign currency exchange​

  • Banks revoking loans

  • Competitor analysis

Risk Management.png
Financial Modelling.png

Financial Modelling

The right Finance Director or Finance Controller will ensure the appropriate models are in place so that information is consistent. They will concentrate on the relevant financial model at the right time, e.g:​

  • Cash flow modelling

  • Budget modelling

  • Forecast modelling

  • Business valuation

  • Scenario planning

  • Cost of capital

Do you need support in any of these financial areas? Get in touch to arrange your no-obligation consultation and find out how we can help.
"I contacted The Finance People in order to find an experienced finance director who could co-ordinate and manage our debt and equity fundraising. The Finance People were very quick and efficient and before I knew it, I was connected with a fantastic FD who has been working with me to develop and articulate our plan. We are close to completing our round and are very happy with The Finance People's support.

Angus Drummond - CEO Limitless Travel

Ready to get access to the best financial experts for your business? Get in touch for your free consultation.
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