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Finance Recruitment

At The Finance People, we help SMEs with their Finance Director job search across the UK. 

How it Works

You know your SME needs full time Finance guidance, strategy and support. But finding the right person is a challenge, particularly as it's not your area of expertise. At The Finance People, we live and breathe Finance Recruitment and will take the stress out of finding that ideal fit.

Video Conference

Initial Consultation

Upon enquiring, you'll have an inital consultation with The Finance People to determine your requirements and objectives. This will ensure we understand the type of financial support you need. 

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Deep Dive

We'll then undertake a fact-find or deep-dive to learn more about your business, exploring the culture and processes so far. 

Reviewing CVs

Recruitment Process

The Finance People will then begin our expert Finance Recruitment journey, searching specifically for the the right Financial Director for your business, based on culture-fit, chemistry and your business requirements.  


Meet Your Expert

We will then introduce you to your ideal-fit Financial Expert and you'll take over from here. We'll be in touch regularly to see how you're both getting on and seeking feedback. 

Meet Your Finance Director

As one of the leading finance director recruitment agencies, we support our finance professionals throughout the entire recruitment process, whilst guaranteeing our clients get access to the best-fit finance personnel for their business and current needs.

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How does hiring a Finance Director help SMEs?

Driving Increased Revenue

Planning & Startegy

Raising Funds for Growth

Corporate Governance

Cash Flow Forecasting & Management

Exit Planning & Due Diligence

Relationship Management

Financial Reporting & Data Management


Discover our frequently asked questions about our Full-Time Recruitment.

"I am delighted with the support we have had from The Finance People. It's good to know that you can access their expertise easily and quickly, and we are continuing to benefit from their ongoing support. Through Anita, we were introduced to Paul, an experienced FD who is working with us to embed systems and support our business growth."

Karen Creavin - CEO of The Active Wellbeing Society

Ready to meet your perfect match?

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