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Cash Flow Management

What is cash flow management and why is it so important?

Cash flow issues can put a stressful and completely unnecessary strain on a business, but our finance experts are here to help you forecast your cash flow and act on investment opportunities.

What is cash flow management? 

Cash flow management is when your business tracks the money coming flowing into your business and tracking it against bills, salaries and other outgoings.


Accurate cash flow management will give you a full picture of your business to ensure you have sufficient funds to survive. Successfully understanding your cash flow will allow you to forecast profits, spot opportunities for investment and avoid future cash flow problems

Why is cash flow management important?

Cash flow management is important to all businesses of any size, but it is particularly important to SMEs. Traditionally, SMEs do not have the access to guidance and financial resources needed to successfully manage their cashflow, resulting in a higher number of SMEs facing cash flow problems as opposed to larger businesses. 


SMEs may also find they have less stop-gap funds available to allow them to survive temporary issues with cash flow, such as late payments. This negative cash flow can prevent a business from growing, and sometimes even succeeding, which is why it is so important to accurately monitor and forecast cash flow to predict and prevent negative cash flow. 

How can The Finance People help with cash flow management?

Our knowledgeable team of finance managers and finance directors have years of cash flow management experience and are on hand to help SMEs and start-ups who would not usually have access to this expert financial guidance. 

By outsourcing cash flow management, you can ensure your business is one-step ahead of any cash flow problems to ensure your long-term survival. Get in touch with our team to see how we can help your business with cash flow management. 

How we can help

At The Finance People, we provide flexible and affordable finance expertise to SMEs and startups. Our team of Finance Directors, Finance Managers and Finance Controllers work with your business in line with your requirements - anywhere from 1-3 days per week on a flexible contract. Get in touch to get started. 

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