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Whitepapers for Business Owners

Let us help you find the information you need. Our whitepapers and eBooks cover a range of different topics to help you feel more confident in your SME.

Navigating a Recession: Guide for SMEs

In an increasingly difficult economy, SMEs need to be prepared with top tips on how to survive and thrive recession. Find out more by downloading our latest guide.

Navigating a Recession - A Guide for SMEs.png

How to Plan Your Exit Strategy

Exit planning is a crucial part of your business strategy and should be started as early as 3-5 years before the planned exit date. Download now to discover how to start your exit planning journey.


The Finance People's Guide to Common Business Risks

What business risks are common for SMEs and how can you be prepared? Find out our common business risks most SMEs face in the growth and development stages.


The SME's Guide to Growth in 2022

In a post-covid world, are you thinking of finally scaling your business? Here's everything you should consider and an action plan to get you started on your business growth journey. Download now.


The Finance People's Guide to Cash Flow Management

Cash flow management is an underestimated part of your overall business management - and failure to manage your cash flow effectively could lead to trouble further down the line. 


The Finance People's Guide to Increasing Profitability

Every SME wants to increase their profitability and drive revenue. Here's our step-by-step guide on how to get started when it comes to becoming more profitable.


The Finance People's Guide to Mergers and Acquisitions

So it's time to move on from your business and you're considering a M&A. But what does this mean and how should you approach it? Find out in our full guide.


The Finance People's Guide to Financial Planning

How can you prepare for the next financial year? Financial planning is a step every SME should be taking - find out how we'd approach it by downloading this guide.


The Finance People's Guide to End of Year Reviews

At end of the financial year, it's essential your business conducts an End of Year review, in order to fully evaluate progression. Find out more by downloading the guide.


The Finance People's Guide to Management Information

Management information plays a key role in allowing you to make data-driven decisions for your business. But what management information should you be collating?

"I contacted The Finance People in order to find an experienced finance director who could co-ordinate and manage our debt and equity fundraising. The Finance People were very quick and efficient and before I knew it, I was connected with a fantastic FD who has been working with me to develop and articulate our plan. We are close to completing our round and are very happy with The Finance People's support.

Angus Drummond - CEO Limitless Travel

Ready to get access to the best financial experts for your business? Get in touch for your free consultation.
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