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Frequently Asked Questions

Let us resolve any queries you have about what we do at The Finance People 

  • If I opt your part-time model, will I work with multiple finance professionals?
    You will be appointed a dedicated Finance Director/Manager/Controller (as discussed) that works with your business, so rest assured you won't be getting a different finance professional every week! We take pride in matching the finance expert to your business so that they can be by your side in each step of your journey. You will be able to build a relationship with this individual and they will become an extended part of your business.
  • Is there a trial period with your part-time model?
    Trial periods with our finance experts are not necessary. This is because our finance experts go through a thorough consultation and recruitment process prior to joining our team. Due to our thorough deep dive and selection process, we can guarantee that your expert will be the ideal fit for your business.
  • Do I have to pay holiday/sickness/pension costs, etc?
    With the part-time flexible resource model, you will not have to pay any holiday, sickness or pension costs. In instances such as sickness, accident, maternity, The Finance People will provide cover for your appointed expert. This is because your finance professional is not officially employed by your business.
  • Can my finance expert work remotely?
    Our part-time finance experts can either be remote or on-site, or a blend of both. Whatever suits the needs of your business.
  • How soon can your part-time finance experts start at my business?
    All our flexible finance experts can start straight away, meaning you can have access to top financial guidance from the following week! We pride ourselves on having the best Financial Experts on hand, meaning we don't have a long recruitment process for your business. Once we've completed our deep dive and our selection process, your Flexible Finance Professional can start when it suits you.
"I contacted The Finance People in order to find an experienced finance director who could co-ordinate and manage our debt and equity fundraising. The Finance People were very quick and efficient and before I knew it, I was connected with a fantastic FD who has been working with me to develop and articulate our plan. We are close to completing our round and are very happy with The Finance People's support.

Angus Drummond - CEO Limitless Travel

Ready to get access to the best financial experts for your business? Get in touch for your free consultation.
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