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Management Information

Has your business harnessed the power of Management Information?

SME's may think that it is not essential to collect and analyse data before they are fully established, but as the business becomes more established, management information is crucial to succeeding. 

What is Management Information? 

Management Information is a blanket term used to describe the data that a business collects, specifically the data that will be utilised to drive the business forward and grow from strength to strength. 

 umbrella term to describe the data businesses collect – however more specifically, it is the data that helps a business move forward, make changes, and grow. It has no set style – and can be anything from qualitative customer reviews to quantitative cash flow statements.

The data used for Management Information will vary between businesses and industries, but some examples of information that is generally used by most businesses include budgets, profits, training records and cash forecasting.

What are the benefits of Management Information?

Management Information is crucial for making business decisions, as they allow you as a business owner to remove guesswork and make informed decisions that may impact your companies future. With no guarantees in an uncertain economy, it helps to accurately know where your business has been before making plans for the future. 

Additionally, by looking back over the performance of your company it can help to highlight areas for refinement and ultimately lead to improved efficiencies. 

What MI should my business be focusing on?

It goes back to the saying 'quality over quantity', there is so much information associated with running a business but it is not beneficial to collect all the data for MI. It is vital to narrow down the information you are collecting to just the data that will assist you with making business decisions. 

Management Information Systems (MIS) can collect the information from multiple sources to create graphs and reports to help you run your business. Your MIS system will be set up to gather information relevant to your business specifically and will differ from other businesses, however some examples of data that most businesses will be focusing on are: 

- Financial data, including cash flow forecasts, profits and budgets

- Sales information, including best-selling products and customer base

- Productivity information, including average time it takes to complete a task or product

How does the Finance People help with Management information?

Gathering the data required for management information can seem daunting, but support is available with The Finance People. Our financial experts have an abundance of experience with management information and are on hand to help with flexible options available. 

Get in touch to arrange a complementary consultation to discuss how we can help your business. 

How we can help

At The Finance People, we provide flexible and affordable finance expertise to SMEs and startups. Our team of Finance Directors, Finance Managers and Finance Controllers work with your business in line with your requirements - anywhere from 1-3 days per week on a flexible contract. Get in touch to get started. 

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